Offset Management

Specialists In Managing Offset Obligations.

Tricolom works with companies,  to help them fulfil Offset obligations which they incur as part of selling to different countries. We bring diversified professional skills, techniques and technologies to complement the skill sets of our client organisations.

We develop strategies and projects that increase our client’s competitive edge during the bidding process, hence improving their chances of winning the sale. For companies who have an existing Offset obligation, Tricolom helps them fulfil these obligations.

Tricolom also works with companies, who do not have an Offset obligation but wish to make use of Offsets in order to reduce their operating costs, increase their profitability, maximise R&D budgets, access new international markets and to achieve vertical and horizontal diversification in their sectors.

Our expert understanding of the Offset market, diverse experience in a number of key sectors and our ability to operate across national boundaries makes us the ideal partner.

Tricolom is a founding member of the European Club for Countertrade and Offsets (ECCO). ECCO is based in Paris and aims to bring together parties involved in Offset, Industrial Participation, or countertrade activities.

Our unique approach to Offsets 

Tricolom has developed a unique approach to Offsets. This is called Collaborative Offset Management (COM). For our clients, the main benefits of this approach are:

  • Efficient fulfillment of Offset obligations
  • Reduced risk and cost of managing Offsets
  • Access to new markets and increased probability of winning new business

Who we can help

We work with any company that has Offset obligations to fulfil or is currently involved in a sales campaign to win new business. We also work closely with their suppliers and subcontractors – their supply chain, some of whom can be small and medium sized companies.

Increasingly,  we are also working with companies who wish to use Offsets in order to enter new markets, reduce their operating and manufacturing costs, put in place global supply chains or to commercialise their intellectual property.

Please contact us for an informal discussion if you have a project or a business opportunity you think we may be able to help you with.